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What is Alianza Counseling?

Alianza Counseling is an agency that provides counseling focusing on the Spanish speaking community. We provide services to couples, individuals and families. We work with probation, and provide support groups in anger management, elder abuse and parenting. We also work with CPS where we help parents who are reunifying with their children. We can assist with immigration services such as hardship letters (601 wavers or asylum case)

We provide a safe environment, we avoid the cold and sterile look and feeling of most agencies. We strive to make people feel comfortable and peaceful.

What are some of the benefits of counseling?

Feeling emotionally and mentally better by clearing your mind, understanding other options, making a plan, making goals, speaking about your problems that cloud your emotion.
You’re not going to be judge when you come in to counseling, you can pour out all your emotions, and you don’t have to worry about being judge or seeing them in a family event or a party as you would with a friend or a family member you might talk to.
With a Client/therapist relationship there are boundaries, there are no personal relationships outside the office. We’re here to talk about your problems and how you feel. Back to top

Why should people get counseling?

Counseling is like the Dr of your mind, people go to the Dr when you have pain in your stomach, a broken arm. People go to the Dentist for your teeth. When you feel sad or going through something difficult in life, people should get counseling to release their stress, their anxiety, after we talk about their problems they feel more at ease, like things aren’t as difficult as you originally thought, and you’re able to cope with it.
You’re in a safe place, everything is confidential. We’re ethically bound to keep things private/confidential. Back to top

How does coming to therapy help?

Is about creating a bond, you have to feel comfortable with your counselor, we try to do that with the environment. Feeling safe and knowing you can trust you won’t be judge and express your fears or anything that’s causing you a distress in your life. Once you build that client-counselor relation you can open up and Back to top

What Immigration Services do you offer?

Pardon-I601, U-Visa, Asylum
what These cases require is a psychological hardship letter, this is what we do after talking to the client, We talk about finances, children if they are involved, anxiety, ptsd, acute stress, anger and panic attacks Back to top

The Court Sent me here, Now what?

We get referrals from the court and clients have to attend classes, after registering the client we notify the court, and we keep in contact with the probation officer as far as when they attend the classes and when they complete the class. Back to top

Can you help me save my marriage

I can help you have a better relationship in your marriage, I cannot save your marriage, that effort is based on the individual. At times we fall into routines and the relationship suffers because of it. It is useful to have both persons in the relationship come in for therapy, either one on one, or both as a couple. Back to top

What is the different between couple and family counseling?

In couple counseling there are different dynamics, in couples we tend to concentrate in the parents and their problems., family counseling if the children had to be taken away, we concentrate in the children emotional problems first before bringing in the parents. Back to top

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  • Hi there
    My name is Nathalie I am writing on behalf of my parents Hortencia and Cornelio Constantino who have been married over 25+ years they have been having differences and seem to lack what it is to be a couple again please could you help they are willing to seek counseling before calling it quits

  • Hello Nathalie,

    Wow, 25+ years married! The generation that your parents are from is a testament of what marriage and the marriage vows were back then. Life will happen and it will be tough at times, but throughout every problem, a marriage becomes stronger after experiencing the situation together by supporting one another. Alianza Counseling provides marriage counseling and we will be happy to see your parents. Call our offices and make an appointment. We could see them within two weeks.

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